2021 How to start New Year when you don't know what to expect?

Hello, New Year.

I like new beginnings. I always take it as a good moment to start a new chapter.

This year in particular, as it will change my life completely - I will stay mum for the first time.

This change makes me a bit anxious. To focus on something, I have decided to organise my home.

I didn't have any plan at the beginning.

I have taken a piece of paper, and I made a list of all the rooms in my house.

I recommend it as an easy and quick way to do it.

We can all have a different reason for that: isolation, working from home, fact that we don't know when the world will go back to normal.

But nothings clean head better, than a clean and well-organised house.

I'm in nine months of my pregnancy, so I had to ask my partner for help.