I have my design. Now what?

When it comes to design, some people find it the best part of a job. Most difficult is to make your vision real. The success of renovating any space in your house ultimately comes down to good preparation, be aware of what lies ahead.

You have your final design box now what?

Where to begin?


Every project needs setting on time. More precise you are, you have a bigger chance to make it real. The unrealistic programme can ruin your project.

You need to set a start date and end date - if you need a deadline for your renovation project.

(Deadline is usually needed, if you use a contractor, or if you want to make renovation in a particular period - like holiday etc.)

Give yourself time.

If you don't rush, don't stress yourself about that.

Many people want to start a job asap.

My experience has shown to plan everything as precise as you can, to avoid surprises.

Are you going to do the job by yourself? Do you need to hire a contractor?

If you need a contractor:

  • How much will he charge you?

  • When is he available? that's why you need your renovation timeframe.

  • How long will it take to complete a job?