Ready for spring?

Easter means Spring.

I have so many things on my spring to-do list.

One is to organise storages, cabinets, shelves etc.

Everything has started with the newborn baby and plans to organise all house.

One of the most important is:

to keep a house clean and tidy.

So I can find everything quickly.

To make it happen, I use all type of sorters.

Below you can find a few tips that can help you.

I have started to organise my house with a to-do list.

I find out that the real problem is not enough storage space at home.

1. First, find the storage space for all the items you have got.

Select items you need from those you don't. Then find a space for it Place, where you will always go to find it (shelf, drawer, cabinet etc.) If you have not enough storage: re-think all you have got, consider the purchase of additional furniture.

2. Find the best way to organise all you have got. I use jars and tins to store all tiny bits. For the rest items, I use baskets, boxes, plastic container etc. Very use